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M. Iheb Triki
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Tunisia and MENA region are threatened by water scarcity. Actual solutions (bottled water, transported watertanks or non-renewable groundwater) are disastrous for the environment
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Kumulus creates drinking water from the humidity in the air. Predictive algorithms will use collected data (IoT technology) to inform on water production and optimize the energy use
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One liter of mineral water costs circa 10$ cents in Tunisia and Egypt and above 15$cts in Morocco. Kumlus technology will create ~25 liters of water per day at less than 8 $cts. No plastic bottles will be used and remote (or offgrid) populations will be empowered as they will have their own sustainable source of clean and drinking water. within Kumulus multiple complex systems interacting: • Energy system: PV panels and batteries will be controlled by an Energy Management System • Thermal machine creates water from humidity • Water system: Filters and mineralizers • Sensors and IoT to monitor the system • Predictive algorithms –data from the system will be combined with meteorological information/algorithms to predict water quality and quantity production Today • We assessed 11 meteo stations in Tunisia and selected Tataouine, Kasserine and Tozeur for our analysis and testing. • Proof Of Concept (PoC) created: A machine assembled in ElSpace in Tunis creates 20 to 30L of water per day. A contract with a renowned university to assist us in the prototype is being signed • Analyses of the temperature-humidity mapping allowed us to choose the design parameters of the product. Components have been included in the design in order to monitor performances and run optimizations to minimize power consumption • Kumulus team is in discussions with associations to bring this technology to a school in Tunisia where children do not have access to drinking water