Success Stories – Mrayti

Romouz Sadeq, de Mrayti, founder et CEO of Mrayti : “Hello, I’m Romouz Sadeq from Mrayti. We joined Big by Orange last year in their fourth season here in Aman, Jordan.

Mrayti means “my mirror” in Arabic and we provide beauty services, delivered to women in the comfort of their own homes. We currently have a big network of hair stylists and make-up artists, even manicurists who deliver those services to women, wherever they are.

During season 4, Orange provided us with so many trainings and access to regional conferences that without them we couldn’t have. We also had such an exposure in the media and mass communication channels like magazines and radio stations where we could speak about our project and reach out to more potential customers.

Our next challenge is to launch a fully-fledged mobile app that will allow customers to book more services, more often. We also are planning to move regionally and open up offices in near-by countries with the help of Orange in season 5.”