Ensure file transfers between employees are secure and shared files are protected thanks to Blockchain technology.

KeeeX first patented its process for certifying documents by attaching a proof of data integrity through Blockchain. The technology can be used to secure files with no need for a centralized server, enabling companies to simplify collaborative work while still protecting the confidentiality and authenticity of files and messages.

At CES 2017 in Las Vegas, KeeeX presented a new revolutionary solution, Photo Proof, which certifies a photo by attaching specific information (owner, device, date, place, etc.). In short, the photo itself transforms into a security device! The technology offers a wide range of applications for the general public (inventory, accident report, protecting photos published online, etc.). For companies, Photo Proof makes it possible to access documents by photo proof (defect contract, loss etc.).

KeeeX and Orange

Keeex received support from Orange France, with a spot in its incubator.


Supported by Orange to boost their business and take the project even further.

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