Our connected intercom “Hi)” lets you monitor your home from anywhere

Fenotek has developed a connected video intercom called Hi). It lets you communicate with visitors at your door. You can talk to them, see them on your smartphone or tablet screen and even unlock the door for them.

Hi) is smart: it identifies and recognizes up to four family members from your smartphone. Whenever a person arrives, it can carry out a series of preset actions (open the door, turn on lights, open windows, etc.). You just need to confirm the action by entering a password on your smartphone.

Hi) also detects any suspicious movement outside the home and alerts users, who can then see who the intruder is thanks to a wide-angle infrared camera (150° view) and trigger the alarm if needed.

Fenotek and Orange

Fenotek is one of 28 start-ups that attended CES in Las Vegas in January 2017 with BPI France and support from Orange.


Supported by Orange to boost their business and take the project even further.

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