Cozy Cloud

Store all your data in your very own Cloud!

With Cozy Cloud, your data, photos and e-mail no longer need to remain spread out across various online services. You can synchronize and store your photos, have bills downloaded automatically, manage your spending, read and send e-mail, and so much more – all while keeping control over your personal information and data since you store them all in your own Cloud, hosted by you!

Flexible and easy to use, Cozy Cloud is an open-source platform that allows you to design and develop your own apps to meet your specific needs.

The solution is not just for personal use: companies can also use Cozy to build a custom Cloud platform for their products.

Cozy Cloud and Orange

The Cozy solution is a part of Open the Box, a collaborative project between major corporations, including Orange that focuses on the smart home


Supported by Orange to boost their business and take the project even further.

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