The first mobile application to enhance security and develop a culture around risk and collective security


  • Security

Acceleration Type

  • Orange Fab
  • Spin-off


  • France

WaryMe offers a solution to enhance security for a business, employees and users. It’s the first mobile app to integrate 3-in-1 alert functionality, crisis management and mass communication all via a simple and intuitive interface.

Following recent major events, regulations around security plans are becoming tougher. Traditional means of communication are no longer adapted to these new constraints. WaryMe is a digital and mobile response to enhance security planning and optimise processes and communications in crisis situations. It enables response teams to understand the situation, make decisions and react faster.

By involving employees in security planning, WaryMe creates a direct link between users and the team in charge of their security, which contributes to the development of a culture around risk and collective security.

WaryMe and Orange

WaryMe is a spin-off project created by two Orange employees, Boris Berger and Philippe Lima. For more than 10 years they worked at Orange Business Services and Orange Labs respectively. In 2016, the project was supported by Orange Avenir and the Digital Entrepreneur School, a valuable resource for people embarking on a new business venture.