A social enterprise offering training and employment in leather goods to people with disabilities otherwise reduced to begging.


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  • Guinea

In Guinea, people with disabilities represent 2% of the total population and are mostly excluded from society. Unqualified – 86% are illiterate – they are often reduced to begging.

The Wakilaré association aims to reintegrate these citizens by teaching them to read and write, providing them with shoemaking training and therefore giving them the credentials they need to practice a profession and sell their products. They are supervised by an experienced master cobbler. The first workshop was opened in 2016 and the first shop in 2017, which sells shoes and other leather goods (bags, clutch bags etc).

Wakilaré also offers tailor-made items: the customer can choose the design and material and then the craftsmen create the object in less than three days.

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Wakilaré was a finalist in the 2016 Orange Social Venture Prize Africa & Middle East.