Improving epidemic management and health monitoring for patients in Africa


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Wafu (Warn Africa For Us) is a global digital platform dedicated to improving healthcare in Africa. It includes a web and mobile app offering three different features:

  • Managing epidemics: in the event of an epidemic, an alert is sent to the app. The app displays how the disease has spread and advises on the correct procedure via simple communication methods (visual, voice alerts) that everyone can understand.
  • Online medical records: individual medical files are stored securely ensuring better health monitoring. Healthcare professionals and emergency teams have quick access to vital information (allergies etc) so they can provide appropriate care in the event of an accident or emergency.
  • Assistance: a voice platform is under development to help people make appointments more easily as well as improve patient follow up for serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer and AIDS.


By improving patient information and healthcare coordination, Wafu aims to reduce mortality in Africa. 

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Wafu won the national competition to represent Niger in the 2018 Orange Social Venture Prize Africa & Middle East.