The first zero waste chatbot that helps people sort and recycle their rubbish.


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Developed by the French agency Mr Bot, Trizzy is a chatbot that can be used by local authorities and environmental conservation organisations on their websites. The conversational assistant can advise and inform users about adopting eco-friendly habits. In particular, it answers questions on waste sorting and recycling.

Trizzy can be quickly and easily installed and customised to any website and enables organisations to create a direct link with users. The app collects and analyses conversational data to gather statistics (most popular questions, frequent requests etc), which helps organisations to run more targeted communication campaigns. Trizzy can also relay messages with a particular community and so local recycling initiatives can be highlighted more effectively.

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Mr Bot took part in Startup Days in Bordeaux in 2019 and also joined the Orange booth at Viva Technology 2019.