A localised chat-based mobile concierge service


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Service

Acceleration Type

  • Orange Fab


  • Singapore

Trabble wants to provide travellers with local resources in Singapore (accommodation, attractions, travel agents) based around their personal interests.

The start-up has launched an online concierge service that answers travellers’ questions in real-time via a chatbot. Thanks to artificial intelligence, every traveller can find the information they need as soon as they arrive, saving time during their visit.

Trabble offers a new promotional channel to travel professionals too, as accommodation and activities can be booked directly from the platform or through Messenger. Travel agents also save valuable time because the chatbot is the first point of call for travellers’ requests. If an establishment’s staff can’t speak English, they can use Trabble to streamline communications and facilitate the booking process.

Trabble is supported by a team of local experts, a broad traveller community, and many other players active in the tourism industry.

Types of support

Trabble took part in Orange Fab Asia’s “Japan Spring” season in 2016.