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Efficiently monitor vulnerable individuals at home and send alerts in case of an emergency.


  • Healthcare

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  • Orange Fab
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  • France

Telegrafik offers innovative services for vulnerable individuals and their families. The start-up has launched its first solution, OTONO-ME®, which is a fully autonomous service that monitors frail or elderly people living alone at home. Unlike other solutions on the market, OTONO-ME® works without a badge or call button. It doesn’t require any human intervention!

A range of sensors monitor activity in the home in real time. In case of an anomaly (an extended period of inactivity, activity outside of normal hours, etc.), it automatically sends an alert to the individual’s family or assistance services.

Telegrafik joined Orange Fab France, and a partnership contract is in the pipeline to prepare a joint offer.

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Types of support

Integrated in Orange France startup accelerator, Orange Fab France.

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