Smart Pantoufles

The SmartPantoufles solution uses connected footwear to send an alert if their elderly wearer has a slip or fall.


  • Well-Being

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  • Partnership with Orange


  • France

Slips and falls among the elderly are a real social problem: there are 2,700,000 annual falls, of which 78% are at home. Unfortunately 77% of people who remained on the ground for over an hour went on to lose autonomy.

Despite the impact and communication around this issue, portable fall solutions (necklaces, bracelets, watches) are not very effective.

The SmartPantoufles solution comes in the form of a connected sole that can slip into a sock or shoe, detect a fall and raise an alarm to relatives via call or SMS.

Digital is at the heart of the project, using the latest technology to detect the fall more exactly and generate fewer false positives. This project is in the R&D phase to provide a functional prototype for future users to carry out technical testing.

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