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RogerVoice has been validated by the Orange Purchasing Department as an innovative technology supplier. It makes phones more accessible for the deaf, hearing-impaired and deaf/blind.

RogerVoice’s areas of expertise:

  • RogerVoice has developed a mobile app for the deaf and hearing-impaired that transcribes verbal phone calls into subtitles (SaaS model with no integration).
  • The start-up makes communication by phone possible for deaf and hearing-impaired people to facilitate their day-to-day lives thanks to an app that transcribes incoming/outgoing calls.

It offers several solutions:

  • Automatic speech-to-text: enabling the user to read what the other person is saying via subtitles on their screen. The process happens almost instantly and the solution is available 24/7 worldwide.
  • Sign language video interpretation: conversations can be translated between French and sign language through the smartphone’s video interface. It is easy to use. RogerVoice can also make requests for services on the user’s behalf in spoken French.

A web version of the RogerVoice app is available to companies wishing to make their helpdesk services more accessible.

The app is available in 100 different languages.

A positive social impact:

RogerVoice’s mission is to have a positive social impact to give deaf, hearing-impaired and deaf/blind people (and soon aphasia sufferers) more autonomy in their everyday life and work in addition to existing devices (hearing aids, TV subtitles, translators etc), thereby breaking down one of the last communication barriers for deaf people: telephony.

RogerVoice was chosen by members of the French Telecoms Federation to meet their legal obligations for a digital France as of 7 October 2018. Operators must offer an adapted helpdesk for deaf, hearing-impaired and deaf/blind people along with aphasia sufferers.

Embedded technologies

Mobile app / Artificial Intelligence (speech recognition, speech synthesis) / VoIP
Orange uses RogerVoice’s technology in an adapted platform and interface (app) in order to offer greater telephony accessibility:

  • video-interpretation in French sign language,
  • video conferencing in French,
  • automatic speech-to-text,
  • automatic speech synthesis.


  • Winner of the 2018 Trophées Achats by Mondial Assistance: CSR Award.
  • Winner of a call for telephony accessibility projects from the French Telecoms Federation (Fédération Française des Télécoms).
  • Winner of the 2017 innovation and disability competition run by the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.
  • Chosen in 2018 by the French Telecoms Federation for the French call centre service, including Overseas France (DROM).

Types of support

An Orange spin-off startup : Olivier Jeannel is a former Orange employee.

RogerVoice is sold through Orange France and the service is available in the accessibility catalogue with a 50% discount on all subscriptions until 8 October

A product/service distribution agreement was signed with the Marketing Department of Orange France’s accessibility services for a planned implementation from 8 October 2019 to ensure Orange meets its legal requirements in terms of providing an accessible digital contact centre.

This agreement enables Orange to offer customers compliant accessibility services: 1 hour free per month, from 8:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday with extra charges applicable beyond the first hour.

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