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Join together to reduce the amount of waste in our oceans


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Because by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans, because 80% of this waste comes from the land and because it has a significant impact on marine life and local communities, because sailors want to help protect our oceans but might lack the resources to do so… Robins des mers is a dynamic community built around reducing and upcycling the waste in our oceans.

At Robins des mers, they believe in joining together to create the maximum positive impact. The start-up is active along the entire waste chain from the city to the sea.

Its ambition is to enable sailors to contribute to the reduction and upcycling of waste in our oceans by putting in place the following tools:

  1. A manual and simple process for collecting floating waste.
  2. A manual waste compactor to optimise space on board.
  3. A gelocation app that enables sailors to find the source of the waste they come across through a database that links with research labs working on the problem and also locate the nearest waste collection point on land so that the waste can be sent to recycling centres.

Start-up Stories

Robin des mers took part in Start-up Stories season 2.