Giving customers control over their personal data


  • Security

Acceleration Type

  • Orange Fab


  • France

QualyCloud provides a platform for establishing a new relationship of trust between the customer, their service provider, and their ecosystem, in compliance with European General Data Protection Regulation.

It integrates, encrypts and protects customers’ personal data from multiple sources enabling it to be shared securely with other service providers from its “Privacy Dashboard”.

QualyCloud secures the customer journey by giving them control over their personal data. This start-up reconciles the monetization of personal data with the agreement of the customer.


QualyCloud and Orange

QualyCloud is joining Orange in the TM Forum in the context of collaborative projects such as “Smart Insurance” and “One-Stop Digital Shop” to create standards for managing and sharing personal data within new digital ecosystems.

Types of support

Supported by Orange to boost their business and take the project even further.