Continuous glucose or lactate monitoring to improve the lives of diabetics and athletes.


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PKvitality is developing a range of wearables equipped with trackers to monitor biomarkers (glucose, lactate levels etc) including the K’Watch Glucose for people with diabetes and K’Watch Athlete for sportsmen and women.

The system is non invasive and can measure levels through contact with the skin. The watch is equipped with a Skin Taste K’apsule® which employs painless micro-spikes. Data is transmitted in real time and can be viewed via the built-in screen. Other data is also available such as calories burned, distance travelled and complete tracking history.

K’Watch Glucose makes diabetes easier to live with thanks to continuous glucose monitoring. The wearable sounds an alarm in the event of a blood sugar spike. K’Watch Athlete is targeted at athletes and monitors lactate levels to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries related to lactic acid production.