Making smartphones accessible to all


  • Financial Services

Acceleration Type

  • Orange Digital Ventures


  • United States

PayJoy created a digital platform to help those with little or no access to conventional loans to buy a smartphone on credit and pay back in several instalments. The goal is to open the market to the two-thirds of the world population who can’t afford to buy a smartphone in one go.

PayJoy also developed management software that once installed on the phones transforms it into loan collateral for moneylenders. With this innovative and disruptive approach, individuals can access consumer credit and finance the purchase of their smartphone at a more affordable cost. Loans are repaid through monthly payments adapted to each customer’s financial means.

Types of support

Orange Digital Ventures took part in the first fundraising campaign launched by PayJoy in 2016, which attracted several venture capitalists. “Orange’s investment in the PayJoy platform is further proof of the Group’s ambition to accompany and accelerate the digital evolution of our customers worldwide, especially our 110 million customers in Africa and the Middle East,” explains Pierre Louette, Deputy CEO of Orange and chairman of Orange Digital Ventures.