Pass Santé Mousso

Un bijou connecté pour une prise en charge et un suivi médical plus efficaces


  • Healthcare
  • IoT

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  • Côte d'Ivoire

Linked to a digital platform and designed in partnership with health professionals, Pass Santé Mousso is available to consumers as a connected accessory (bracelet, medallion, keychain, etc). It enables those wearing the accessory to carry their digital medical records, accessible by scanning a QR code, with them wherever they go.

In case of an emergency, medical staff can quickly consult the patient’s health records – facilitating both diagnosis and treatment – and contact the patient’s family members. For continuous medical monitoring, authorised third parties (doctors, hospital staff, etc) can consult, update and share the patient’s clinical data with ease. In addition, if medical staff are not able to read the QR code, they can contact the 24-hour emergency hotline indicated on the accessory.

Another advantage provided by the solution is that it focuses on data reliability and secure, high-quality data transfers, taking into account the potentially high number of parties who need to be contacted in connection with healthcare.

Types of support

Pass Santé Mousso won third prize at the Orange Côte d’Ivoire Social Venture Awards Africa and Middle East 2017. The prize included support from experts and a grant of one million CFA francs (about €1,500).