Oton Glass

Smart glasses that help people with reading difficulties.


  • Tech for Good

Acceleration Type

  • Orange Fab


  • Japan

Oton Glass is a visual recognition device that can be attached to a pair of glasses to enable people with reading difficulties or a visual impairment to “read” any printed text. The device photographs the text in front of the reader via a camera that can be operated by a button and immediately transcribes the text to voice format. Ultimately, this helps the reader to become far more independent.

The smart glasses contain a camera module, which is attached to the frame, along with an HDMI cable that connects the camera to the main unit, which can be slid into a pocket. The reader can listen via a built-in speaker or by connecting an earpiece.

Types of support

Oton Glass took part in Orange Fab Asia’s Fall 2018 programme (Japan) and also joined the Orange booth at Viva Technology 2019.