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Artificial intelligence in 3 steps: understand deploy/use, receive support.


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Very few companies can deploy and industrialise artificial intelligence (AI) solutions through lack of skills and insufficient reuse of components (sensors, user interfaces etc). In this context, the challenge is how to bring data science and machine learning closer to the company’s IS and operational priorities.

Thanks to an innovative framework, Orange AI Marketplace offers accessible and ready-to-use AI solutions for operational, marketing or sales activities. This virtual marketplace enables companies specialising in AI to enhance their expertise by offering their solution (accident management, marketing, sales etc) through the Orange AI Marketplace catalogue.

The start-up also helps companies test and deploy their own AI-based solutions to help grow their business.

Types of support

Within Orange, AI Marketplace brings together AI solutions made available in API or web service mode for all Group entities. The alpha version has been tested internally and 12 AI models are already available to respond to use cases such as incident detection and file processing.