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Numevent is a mobile event application that facilitates the management and organisation of all business events.

Concretely, the digital solution enables event participants to access all the relevant information about the event via a smartphone and interact with the organisers. Numevent is a complete solution with more than 12 agile functionalities and an easy to use management interface. It is an all-in-one solution that includes the invitation, registration, social media and voting/survey during the event, and also includes post-event statistics, all through the same app!

The organiser can present a modern, innovative image, save time in terms of managing the event and give visitors an enriched experience.

As for the event’s participants, they can access all the information they need about the event via their smartphones and can interact via a voting mechanism and live feed… so they can make their own contribution to the event!

Good to know:

Each event can be customised to your company’s brand identity (and your own app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play).

Numevent also integrates an event advertising network to increase the value of your partners and sponsors in your digital event.

Types of support

Numevent was one of 9 start-ups accepted into Season 1 of Orange Fab France Women Start, out of more than 300 applications. The objective of the acceleration programme is to strengthen the relationship between Orange and start-ups founded by women through a commercial partnership and then launch internationally.

Orange Events Solutions partnered with Numevent to offer the best possible digital events experience: by integrating EventApp (the white label app dedicated to Orange Events) into its catalogue of digital solutions, Orange Events Solutions offers events organisers an all-in-one web and mobile app accessible to anyone.

EventApp, the mobile events app developed by Numevent, offers a number of benefits. It is a web and mobile app that enables participants to access all the relevant information about an event via their smartphone and interact through voting, surveys and a live feed.

Eric Cluzeau, Director of Performance and Strategic Development at Orange Events Solutions, signs the partnership with Géraldine Audret, Founder of Numevent.

It encourages greater interactivity so participants become more involved and contribute more to the event.

EventApp can be customised to each company and can also create their own application for participants to download (from the App Store or Google Play). 

The app also promotes relationships and networking through an advertising network that highlights events sponsors and partners. 

It enables the organiser to present a modern, innovative image and save time in terms of managing the event through an all-in-one solution.

The partnership forms is in line with Orange Events Solutions’ strategy to provide customers with a range of digital solutions that make it easier to organise and manage events.