A smarter safety helmet for use in industry


  • IoT
  • Security
  • Work

Acceleration Type

  • Orange Fab


  • South Korea

Nexsys provides manufacturing safety clothing and equipment. Its smart safety helmets, connected via a Wi-Fi or LTE network, enable voice and video communication as well as access to information for workers on construction and industrial plant sites. They can be equipped with an HD camera and micro SD port to film the work environment or project delivery. Workers also benefit from sensors such as toxic gas detectors on their work boots.

The Helpware monitoring platform makes it possible to locate all connected helmets and sensors from anywhere. It is also possible to communicate with the worker wearing the helmet or sensor and also send in emergency teams in case of emergency. Workers can also send information or alert messages to the managers operating the platform.

Types of support

Nexsys took part in Orange Fab Asia’s “Korea Spring” season in 2016.