Improving the management and communication of university schedules


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  • Burkina Faso

MyStudentWeek provides an innovative platform for managing and viewing schedules at universities in Burkina Faso. Designed by CIT experts, the solution enables:

  • Administrators and coordinators to create or update schedules easily in real-time, no matter where they are (at home or travelling), and complete essential tasks more efficiently (assigning classrooms, managing the curriculum, organising class materials, etc)
  • Students and teachers to view schedules and other crucial information instantly to ensure classes and studies run properly

The app is available on all platforms (Windows, Android, iOS, etc) for all devices (PC, tablet and smartphone) and can be accessed by users at any time – both online and offline. If they don’t have access to the internet, users can send a text message to a dedicated number and receive the requested schedule directly on their phone.

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MyStudentWeek won first prize at the Orange Burkina Faso Social Venture Awards Africa and Middle East 2017 and earned a cash prize of 1.5 million CFA francs (about €2,300), 1 Gb of free web access per month for a year and the Flybox from Orange Burkina.