An innovative mobile banking solution for Malian farmers


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The social enterprise myAgro aims to help Malian farmers optimise their crop production through self-financing. The platform enables farmers to procure seeds, fertilisers and high-quality tools from the local retail network by using prepaid cards that can be purchased over a mobile platform through a text message. The cash value of these cards ranges from $0.50 to $50.

Farmers also have access to:

  • Training in modern farming techniques adapted to their environment
  • A market of premium buyers
  • Special loan terms to finance the purchase of farming equipment adapted to the scale of their crops

On average, farms using myAgro can boost their crop yields by 50 – 100% and earn an additional $150 – $300 annually. In 2017, more than 30,000 farmers used myAgro in Mali and Senegal. By 2025, the platform aims to help one million small farmers across West Africa.

Types of support

myAgro won the third prize at the Orange Social Venture Awards Africa 2015. The award offered a grant of €10,000 and six months of support from Orange experts.