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  • Madagascar

From hotels, restaurants and supermarkets to bakeries and food suppliers: in Mauritius and Madagascar, Manzer Partazer connects food manufacturers and distributors with partner organisations that have corresponding needs, such as orphanages, helping to prevent food waste. The solution runs on an innovative app that serves as a fully collaborative platform. It connects companies wanting give away (or sell) their surplus food with the charities that need it by piggybacking on the routes of local transportation companies, creating neither additional cost nor CO2. Via the platform, they can connect and exchange using a system of solidarity points, which can then be exchanged for food vouchers or Orange Money.

Manzer Partazer is on track to self-finance its activity through commissions applied to each transaction or adverts posted on the app, as well as a margin retained from the activities of groups that use food surplus to make new products.

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Manzer Partazer won the Orange Social Venture Prize 2017, representing Madagascar.