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Majika offers a novel solution to the challenges of rural development and electrification by promoting access to renewable electricity and supporting rural entrepreneurship. How does it work? Autonomous and eco-friendly electricity plants are deployed and electricity is distributed across mini-grids to homes and small businesses located in towns and villages.
Majika ensures the remote monitoring of its facilities by displaying data on the website in real time that is connected to an SMS alert system. Bills are sent by SMS and users can pay with mobile money. This makes it possible to track and anticipate the energy needs of villages, while also ensuring the technical monitoring of electricity production, storage and distribution.

Majika is set to launch solutions for rural entrepreneurs located far away from these mini-grids, together with purchase arrangements to spread payments across 12 to 24 months. This solution will involve “solar energy production kits” designed to support rural entrepreneurship. The kits will feature smart meters that enable the remote monitoring of equipment

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MAJIKA was one of finalists for the Orange Social Venture Prize 2017, representing Madagascar. It was chosen by the audience to proceed to the final jury’s consideration, where it won the overall web public’s prize.