Developing creative solutions for mixed reality AI systems.


  • Artificial intelligence

Acceleration Type

  • Other


  • China

Magicast is a Beijing-based augmented and mixed reality start-up that aims to change the way we perceive reality. It provides innovative business solutions to a wide range of industries including tourism, cultural, marketing & advertising, industrial and education. The team includes algorithm experts and optical equipment researchers. The start-up is developing creative digital twin solutions (a duplicated virtual model of a physical environment or process) for mixed reality systems based on artificial intelligence. To do this it uses image recognition, gesture recognition and augmented and mixed reality technologies.

Innovations developed by Magicast are then adapted for companies who want to offer immersive experiences to their customers via the MorphoMR platform.

Types of support

Magicast joined the Orange Open Innovation Centre acceleration programme in China and also joined the Orange booth at Viva Technology 2019.