KissKissBankBank Technologies

Embracing crowdfunding to unleash creativity


  • Tech for Good

Acceleration Type

  • Orange Digital Ventures


  • France

KissKissBankBank Technologies is a European leader in crowdfunding. As a pioneer in rewards for donations, innovation and solidarity, the start-up has launched three platforms:

  • KissKissBankBank – to fund projects by artists and entrepreneurs in exchange for non-monetary rewards
  • Hellomerci – to facilitate peer-to-peer lending
  • Lendolopolis – to help small and medium-sized businesses obtain business loans from individuals.

In 2018, the start-up reported that it had collected a total of €79.5 million for more than 29,400 creative, charity and entrepreneurial projects with the help of funds collected from 1.3 million contributors.

Types of support

Orange Digital Ventures contributed to KissKissBankBank Technologies’ fundraising campaign in 2016, which raised €5.3 million, before selling its shares to La Banque Postale in June 2017.