A start-up attending SiDo with Orange (April 2018)


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Founded by two partners, Affif and Mohamed Kadri, K-TECHNOLOGY & SERVICES (K-T&S) is an IT and emerging technology consultancy firm. It offers a range of services in the field of Technology and Infrastructure.

K-T&S in brief:

Located in Courbevoie near Paris, France, K-T&S was founded in 2008. It focuses on the development of tailor-made information technology projects, particularly in the fields of network infrastructures, cyber security, cloud and virtualisation.

K-T&S provides specific development services that are finely tuned to its customers’ IT environments.

In 2014, building on its consulting business, K-T&S identified a customer requirement for data-centre inventory management whilst working on a project for Société Générale. After two years under development, K-T&S launched the K-Inventory solution and the first licences for this product were sold in 2016.

Today, K-T&S focuses its business on two key areas:

  • Consultancy K-T&S conducts transformational IT projects for Large Accounts customers, to optimise network, data centre and Cloud, virtualisation and systems infrastructures.
  • Marketing innovative solutions: from the field analysis it conducted with its customers, K-T&S identified that finding an off-the-shelf solution that addresses specific needs for automated, mobile management projects in some business sectors was not straightforward.

As a result, K-T&S developed an automated inventory solution: K-Inventory Solution (K-iS). This forms the basis of the software suite that K-T&S hopes to develop in response to different market needs. Since 2017, it has been used in three different applications so as to:

  • facilitate Inventories and Stock Management using RFID technology
  • increase the mobility of field teams
  • enable equipment information to be uploaded in real time (IoT).

Types of support

A start-up attending SiDo with Orange (April 2018).