JnK Science

Eco-friendly batteries that do no require a separate charger!


  • IoT

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  • Orange Fab


  • South Korea

JnK Service develops environmentally friendly IT and IoT technologies including rechargeable batteries and wireless chargers. It has created a branded range of rechargeable batteries (AA and AAA) aimed at consumers. Called Lightors, these batteries do not require a dedicated charger.

To recharge a Lightors battery you simply connect the device to a power source (computer, mobile phone or laptop charger etc) via a conventional USB cable. Each battery has a built-in micro USB port which enables you to recharge the batteries without having to remove them from the device (remote control, portable speaker, flashlight etc).  

Lightors rechargeable batteries are designed for approx. 500 charge/recharge cycles. If they were used on a wider scale, they would significantly reduce the amount of waste generated by single-use batteries, which has now reached 10 billion a year worldwide.

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JnK Science took part in Orange Fab Asia’s “Korea Spring 2017” season.