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Isahit is an internet platform for outsourcing digital tasks that will enable women, particularly from French-speaking Africa, to work for additional income.

The platform enables the link between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. Isahit’s HITers community (HIT = human intelligence task) more than 800 women in 17 countries gets involved when human intelligence is necessary: during the machine learning phase and when the machine meets a hitherto unknown situation.

The only condition is that these women cannot work more than 100 hours per month because this should not be a job but an additional source of income that allows them both to train and connect through the context of work; and to have an additional indirect benefit by financing their studies or entrepreneurial projects or even improving their standard of living. Isahit aims to help 10,000 people find work within 3-4 years worldwide.

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Orange Digital Ventures 2018 international finalist.

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