Promoting more efficient water, fertiliser and pesticide consumption through connected sensors.


  • Agriculture

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  • Morocco

Solutions developed by I-TERRA are aimed at farmers to help them optimise crop irrigation as well as their use of fertilisers and pesticides.

There are two systems currently being developed:
  • The first is a mobile sensor that can be placed in a field to measure the moisture content (soil and air) and temperature. The information is sent to the farmer’s device in real time so that he can make more informed decisions.
  • The second is a complete control station that records many parameters: humidity, soil and air temperature, UV index, sunshine, atmospheric pressure, evaporation etc. This information is transmitted to a central station for analysis. The solution enables automated irrigation management and sends recommendations to the farmer. 

I-TERRA targets a potential market of 150,000 producers.  

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I-TERRA won the national competition to represent Morocco in the 2019 Orange Social Venture Prize Africa & Middle East.