Medical hypnosis through virtual reality.


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HypnoVR publishes software that enables physicians to perform anaesthetics under hypnosis using a virtual reality headset. It reduces anxiety and pain and is use as a replacement or supplement to conventional anaesthetics in surgery and dental care.

As part of the pre-op, HypnoVR reduces anxiety. During the operation, the patient remains relaxed and feels less pain. After the procedure, HypnoVR acts as a painkiller. Hypnosis drastically reduces the amount of sedation and pain medication needed for all of these phases and also speeds up patient recovery.

Created by two doctors specialising in anaesthetics and resuscitation, the software provides different ways to lead the patient into a modified state of consciousness (using text, music and 3D images). The immersive nature of the virtual reality headset enhances the experience and emphasises the hypnosis effects.

The start-up offers physicians either the software alone (managed through the HypnoVR companion app) or a kit, which also includes the headset.

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HypnoVR joined the Orange booth at Viva Technology 2019.