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With bees under threat and hives everywhere losing their occupants, Hostabee decided to use new technology to give them a helping hand.

The start-up markets a connected box placed inside the hive, enabling beekeepers to monitor bees round the clock and remotely. Small enough to fit inside any hive and operating on radio waves to avoid disturbing bees, the box transmits the hive’s humidity level and internal temperature – two key components of health and comfort for bees. Beekeepers can access updated data at any time of day or night on their smartphone. That way they can anticipate problems and take better care of their bees, while making fewer visits to the hive.

The revolutionary tool has already won over many eager users – a beekeeper in California even ordered 5,000 boxes to install inside all their hives!

Types of support

Hostabee receives technical and material support from Orange, notably including access to the LoRa® low-bandwidth network. Hostabee also took part in the 2016 LoRa IoT Challenge organised by Orange and Objenious, in the Smart Agri category.

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