Haeden Bridge

Watch immersive videos through 3D technology


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  • Virtual Reality

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  • Orange Fab


  • South Korea

Haeden Bridge has developed TOOMS, a digital CS (client-server) video communication and collaboration platform available for PC, iOS and Android users. It offers a powerful and intelligent multicasting system to accommodate a large number of participants during videoconferences.

In addition to video communication, TOMMS enables the broadcast and streaming of any multimedia content, during the same session and over the same interface. The platform also enables participants to send information to each other.

Thanks to 3D depth detection technology, users can create virtual reality environments to bring their videoconferences to life (virtual offices, building plans, graphics…). The system doesn’t require a blue/green screen or 3D camera and offers full immersion. It dramatically improves the user experience and enables user-friendly and efficient remote and real-time collaboration.

Types of support

Haeden Bridge took part in Orange Fab Asia’s “Taiwan Fall” season in 2014.