Green Cities Inc.

A recycling project to mobilise young people and educate the population of Monrovia


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  • Liberia

A social enterprise specialised in waste management in Liberia, Green Cities Inc. launched a project to recycle plastic waste in Monrovia.

With support from the United Nations, the ecological initiative mobilises 10 communities from the capital’s slums. It started out by educating 100 young people between the ages of 18 and 35 on waste collection, management and treatment methods. The benefits of the project are many: the project helps ensure a clean and safe environment, generates revenue through the sale of recycled products, creates employment and more.

Additionally, each young person receives a strong sense of responsibility by taking part in this sustainable and profitable activity, along with the initiative’s many direct and indirect beneficiaries, who not only learn about recycling but can also play a direct and simple role in its success.

Types of support

The plastic waste recycling project in Monrovia won second prize at the Orange Liberia Social Venture Awards Africa and Middle East 2017. The prize included a financial award and expert support drawn from Orange Group’s vast network.