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Combining Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), sensors and network connectivity has created a massive demand for IoT and Location-Based Services (LBS) as well as cloud-based big data analytics, stimulating “viral” adoption of new generation of mobile services / business applications.

As connectivity and coverage continue increase all over the world and IoT goes on growing, geolocation use cases become more and more common, with research reports predicting the market for GNSS tracking devices and services will reach about 70 billion Euros in 2019.

CNES and GEOFLEX launch a technology already compatible with smartphone for mass-market applications : as far as Location-Based Services (LBS) are concerned, the PPP-WizLite Android application developed by C-S on behalf of the CNES provides a sub-metric accuracy in less than 30 seconds with a smartphone equipped of a single-frequency GNSS chipset.  This app won a prize at the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2017 in Tallin