Gboukou na Maboko

Contributing to education by offering young people a large selection of books and text books accessible online and via a mobile phone.


  • Education

Acceleration Type



  • Central African Republic

Faced with an education system that is falling behind in its objectives, Gboukou na Maboko (“book in hand” in the Sangho language) aims to provide access to a large database of fiction and reference books to young people in Central African Republic.  

Available online and via a smartphone app, this platform provides access to educational books and text books, fiction, colouring books, magazines, books on self-employment, health, personal development and more.

Access will be completely free of charge and books will be available for a pre-determined period just like a library. Some files (e-books, audio books or video) can also be sold via Orange Money.

Types of support

Gboukou na Maboko won the national competition to represent Central African Republic in the 2019 Orange Social Venture Prize Africa & Middle East.