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Helping customers and retail professionals find their way around stores through 3D maps.


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Find & Order has designed a retail marketplace based on 3D mapping and interior geolocation. The aim is to accelerate in-store operations in shopping centres, airports, train stations and city centres and also in retail, supply chain, events and public services. The mobile app revolutionises local commerce and encourages people to buy locally: by typing the product name, characteristics or price into the search engine, the user is directed to the nearest point of sale. Indoor GPS can even guide them to the right shop.

The app supports mobile payments and money transfers and can also integrate customer loyalty cards. In terms of supermarkets and supply chain operators, they can also solve a common problem: manage activity peaks, which demand greater manpower to ensure order preparation, restocking and storage.

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Find & Order was chosen as the 3D mapping provider for an Orange tender to cover 2,500 hospitals and also joined the Orange booth at Viva Technology 2019.