Festival Trotter

The first TV channel dedicated to festivals


  • Entertainment

Acceleration Type

  • Orange Fab


  • France

The directors, producers and journalists behind Festival Trotter have set out to make the first TV channel dedicated to festivals worldwide: music, film, food, literature, etc. With documentaries, reporting and live feeds, the start-up hopes to deliver updates from festivals and showcase unique destinations and sites.

Web and TV viewers can even win free tickets and VIP passes by taking part in contests and quizzes.

The team showed off its abilities in 2016 by producing a 52-minute documentary on the Saint Lucia Festival, in coproduction with Canal+ Caraïbes. Next up, the team will launch its TV channel. First stop: Miami, in the United States, where Festival Trotter got the green light from an American operator to develop a TV channel for broadcast on cable and web.

Types of support

Festival Trotter is taking part in season 7 of Orange Fab France.