Providing contactless solutions for professional mobile transactions


  • Financial Services

Acceleration Type

  • Orange Digital Ventures
  • Orange Fab


  • France

FAMOCO markets a unique solution for secure and professional mobile terminals operating on Android. Equipped with a NFC (Near Field Communication) contactless card reader and/or barcode scanner, it enables companies to deploy mobile business apps easily and securely. Users can manage multiple transactions per day, recharge prepaid cards or transport passes and manage spending and sales flows during cultural events. Target business areas include transport, contactless payment and access control.
FAMACO is marketing its terminals in France and across Europe, as well as in Africa and Southeast Asia. Overall, the company has deployed more than 100,000 terminals in 30 countries during its first three years of operations.
The start-up opted for a device-as-a-service model: it offers ready-to-use materials, equipped with personalised software that bills on a monthly basis.

Types of support

FAMOCO took part in season 3 of Orange Fab France and received fundraising from Orange Digital Ventures in 2017. Orange formed an industrial partnership with FAMACO to support the development of Orange Money in Europe.