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Farmers around the world have to keep producing more to feed an ever-growing population (by 2050 the world’s population will reach 9 billion). They face major challenges such as lack of water and natural resources, decreasing arable land, uncertain market prices, bad weather, climate change, rising commodity prices and more. Under these conditions, farmers have to produce more with better quality but fewer resources.

Ezzayra aims to respond to this problem by developing high-tech products that help farmers better manage their fields. It has designed an agricultural robot and farm management information system that means all agricultural activity can be accessed online, changing the way farmers operate by moving from an arbitrary production method to a data-driven method.

This system optimises the use of resources by gathering data from the land, weather forecasts and other parameters collected in real time, enabling farmers to better track and control their activities and manage their entire farming operation. As for the Atlas robot, it performs useful tasks such as hoeing, processing and stock-taking completely autonomously.