Enova Robotics

P-Guard security robots for sensitive sites and public safety.


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  • Tunisia

Enova Robotics (opens in a new window) is the first company on the African continent to design, manufacture and sell service robots. It is listed as one of the 17 largest manufacturers in the world. The start-up develops four types of robots, for education (learning), assistance (reception and visitor information), health (surveillance and assistance for the elderly at home) and security.

One of Enova Robotics’ major innovations, PearlGuard, is the first robot to ensure industrial site security. With a battery life of four hours, and equipped with sensors (infrared cameras, thermal cameras, audio feed etc) it moves independently, detects intrusions and warns security personnel. It can even project a synthetic DNA onto the intruder which is identifiable for several months.

In 2018, Enova Robotics raised 4.5 million dinars (€1.5 million) in funding, the largest every by a Tunisian start-up.

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Enova Robotics joined the Orange booth at Viva Technology 2019.