Online purchase and delivery of everyday products in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


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Among the pioneers of e-commerce in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the eMart.cd marketplace was created to promote products from local producers. Offering online purchase and payment, 24/7 home delivery and express delivery, eMart.cd has quickly become a success and is now the largest e-commerce site in the DRC.

Given this success and to meet the expectations of its customers, eMart.cd has extended its offer to all household consumer products. In addition to the local and organic products that are behind its initial success, the online store now offers drinks, canned goods, health and beauty products, frozen goods and more. eMart.cd has also created a blog to share information and news about the shop, but also about food and its nutritional benefits.

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eMart won the national competition to represent Democratic Republic of Congo in the 2017 Orange Social Venture Prize Africa & Middle East.