Damoé: Dans une Montagne Écologique

Research bureau promoting energy transition in the mountains


  • Environment

Acceleration Type

  • #FemmesEntrepreneuses


  • France

According to the 2015 report by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the mountains are the terrain most affected by climate change, around 1°C more than other natural environments.

Damoé supports all players already working towards energy transition in the mountains. Damoé offers personalised, pragmatic and local support through two services:

  • environmental engineering services (greenhouse gas assessment, renewable energy feasibility studies, environmental engineering advice, carbon insetting…)
  • advice on customer experience (Petit skieur vert®, environmental awareness…)

Damoé’s services respond to climate change challenges and the questions of holidaymakers about the impact of their holidays on the mountains.

Types of support

Damoé is taking advantage of the Orange #FemmesEntrepreneuses programme for development support. Mentoring, training sessions, seminars and other programme benefits enable Damoé to develop faster and benefit from a whole range of advice and experience.