Simplify, optimise and accelerate DevOps and cloud adoption.


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Acceleration Type

  • Orange Digital Ventures


  • France

In a context of companies’ major transition to the cloud, a shortage of the most competent resources and the increasing fragmentation of tools and hosting platforms, Cycloid has created a bridge between teams, infrastructures, apps and the multiplication of existing tools.

The start-up’s platform industrialises the DevOps approach between developers and administrators, while accommodating each person’s skills thanks to a suite of functionalities compatible with the existing tools integrated in a collaboration and control interface. It also helps business customers accelerate cloud adoption, simplify DevOps and centralise cloud supplier management all through a single product: Terraform. This enables (among other benefits) cloud infrastructure to be generated code, a catalogue of services, monitoring, logs and cost control.

Types of support

Cycloid benefited from Orange Digital Ventures investment in 2019 and also joined the Orange booth at Viva Technology 2019.