Clever Electric

Reduce your electricity consumption while keeping the same level of comfort at home.


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Clever Electric has designed Clever Home, a digital solution that remotely controls household appliances via a mobile app.

Consisting of connected modules (switches and plug sockets etc) connected to a box that centralises all the information, the solution gives the user a complete overview of each device and enables them to control the parameters and therefore their electricity consumption.

The app’s four main functions are as follows:

  • real-time monitoring of the state of electrical equipment
  • programming the timer or switching equipment on or off in real time
  • alerts sent when lights are still switched on in daylight (automatic shutdown after 2 minutes)
  • consumption reports and budget monitoring throughout the year

Clever Electric avoids wasted energy and promotes sustainable development.

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Clever Electric won the national competition to represent Cameroon in the 2018 Orange Social Venture Prize Africa & Middle East.