Interactive 3D shopping experiences to build customer loyalty and improve sales.


  • Virtual Reality

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  • Israel

Byond helps fashion, beauty and luxury brands transform their customer journeys through engaging and innovative retail experiences. The retail platform creates immersive shopping experiences (using 3D, virtual and augmented reality and 360˚ visualisations). Using the start-up’s back end systems and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) publishing tools, brands can easily create virtual showrooms and customised stores. All while using their existing resources and without the need for additional coding.

With the help of Byond’s programming interfaces, the solution can be integrated into product lifecycle management platforms, enterprise ERP packages and consumer e-commerce platforms. Experiential shopping can be enjoyed on a mobile (iOS & Android), PC or XR (Extended Reality) headset using standard browsers: no plug-in or app is needed.