Better endpoint isolation and security to protect businesses from ransomware, zero-day exploits and phishing


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  • Israel

Bufferzone has developed a patented solution that isolates internet applications and contains cyber attacks by providing a better way to reduce the attack surface and protect the most vulnerable part of the organisation – employee endpoints.

By isolating web browsers, email and storage devices (USB keys, external hard drives) in a virtual container, the Bufferzone solution strengthens security platforms by protecting them from more advanced threats. A secure bridge allows data to be extracted from the container to enable collaboration between people and systems while ensuring security and compliance. Employees can maximise their productivity thanks to open access to information since the company no longer needs to block certain websites.

Bufferzone offers efficient protection against malware, ransomware, zero-day exploits and phishing attacks. Easy to deploy and configure, this simple solutinon can protect thousands of endpoints.