Brain Rhythm

Personalised biofeedback system to predict and relieve migraines.


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  • Orange Fab


  • Taiwan

Brain Rhythm specialises in brainwave recording along with migraine prediction and prevention technology.  

The company has developed EAURA, a system for predicting migraine headaches and relieving associated pain by recording the user’s daily brainwave patterns from a band containing electrodes worn on the forehead. Analysing the brainwaves (through a deep learning system) helps to forecast and even prevent attacks from happening 24 hours in advance. EAURA’s prediction model exceeds 80% accuracy on a sample of 300 patients tested in Taiwan. It can even provide brainwave stimulation to prevent an attack from happening.     

Brain Rhythm’s business model combines product sales with an annual subscription and there’s also the opportunity for data monetisation through providing big data to physicians and pharmaceutical companies.

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Brain Rhythm took part in Orange Fab Asia’s “Taiwan Spring 2017” season.